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Ethos, Values & Personal Qualities


 Take on the world…

At Manor Park, the right of every child to reach and expand their potential is underpinned by our inspirational school qualities, which are a guiding principle at the heart of the whole school community. In developing and nurturing self-sufficiency, originality, positive attitudes and resilience, within all aspects of school life and beyond the classroom, pupils flourish academically, emotionally and physically, becoming well-rounded citizens. Our goal is to equip children with the skills and positive growth mindset to thrive, embrace challenges and eventually take on the world. Every member of staff has outstanding aspirations for all pupils in their care, using our school qualities to support and propel children forwards towards the highest levels of academic achievement and progress; we have the drive and determination to be the best we possibly can be and to SOAR to success.

We foster an enthusiastic, creative community within which we encourage everyone to have a love of learning and excel; by doing this we consistently deliver excellent levels of attainment and achievement in all areas of the curriculum. Our imaginative and innovative curriculum, delivered in a vibrant and stimulating environment, is designed to broaden our children's horizons, widen their cultural capital and empower them to be curious about the world around them. All children are challenged and experience the excitement of learning. The curriculum offers a wide range of opportunities available to all so that our children leave Manor Park prepared for the future confident, resilient individuals and original, critical thinkers.

Our school is a happy, welcoming place where children and adults feel safe and valued in an inclusive environment. Equality and a sense of belonging is very much at the core of the school ethos so that every member of the school community feels like they can thrive and be successful. Relationships are based on respect and kindness and this enables us to make positive links and be the centre of our local community. Strong communication and collaboration between the school, families and all stakeholders is a strength so that everyone feels involved in the life of our outward facing school.