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Junior Leadership Team

At Manor Park, we have an outstanding Junior Leadership Team (JLT) who are a credit to our school. The JLT is made up of two children from year groups 1 to 6. They are the year group Representative (Rep) and their Deputy (Dep). Each year group voted for their JLT members. This was done by a pupil vote and really means that the JLT are representing the ‘pupil voice’.

The JLT meets regularly and the older children are given responsibility for leading proceedings, including taking minutes and distributing activities to the other children in the group.

Our JLT Reps and Deps are very proud of being a member of the group. Here's what they think:

o ‘It’s really fun thinking of ideas to improve the school.'

o ‘It’s really nice coming together to read things from the suggestion box from the children in our classes.’

o ‘We like to think about suggestions; if we should or shouldn’t do it.'

o ‘It is very fun being on the JLT because we’re going to fundraise for our chosen charity.'

o ‘We discuss what we can do for the school and look at the suggestions that we can use.'


2021 – 2022 projects

So far, the JLT has generated interest and support for a Christmas week Dodgeball tournament that saw the year groups face off against each other, culminating in a Staff v Year 6 game on the last day of term. It was a great way to introduce the roles to the Reps and Deps, and for them to become comfortable with going into their year groups, speaking to other pupils and pulling together teams to take part.

Other suggestions that are under discussion include:

o Supporting a chosen charity (Project Gambia)

o Book exchange for pupils

o Summer cake sale to raise funds for Project Gambia

o Creation of an environment team to be responsible for regular litter picks around school

o Involving members of staff in meetings to address issues raised by pupils e.g. Mr Connolly to discuss the condition of the Y5/Y6 toilets and catering staff to discuss healthy menu options in the dining room

o Non-uniform or theme days to raise funds for the school and for Project Gambia


Meet the Junior Leadership Team