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Music Sequence of Learning 

Our Music Curriculum 

Core Curriculum Offer


In order to be a great composer, producer or musician we have to first learn to listen effectively. Children at Manor Park learn to actively listen to a wide range of musical styles from a range of cultures, countries and ethnicities. From Beethoven to bhangra, Robbie to reggae and The Specials to samba, our children develop a rich understanding of music history and pick up skills along the way to identify what instruments, styles and techniques artists are utilising.


At Manor Park, we put composing at the heart of our music curriculum. Our children are taught to express their creativity as we resource them with the necessary skills, tools and instruments to bring their compositions to life. As they progress through the school they learn to read notated music as well as develop essential skills in digital music creation software like Garageband.


What is music with great performances? First and foremost, our desire at Manor Park is for our children to witness inspirational musical performances. From there they learn the vital ability to execute a great performance. We help equip them with the confidence and drive to be the very best they can be through practise, diligent working and mentoring from quality musical leaders across Coventry.

Enhanced Curriculum Offer 

Children at Manor Park have a wide range of extra enrichment opportunities to further their musical creativity. Through our partnership with Coventry Music Service we offer our children the very best opportunities including taking part in choir and individual and group music lessons.  We also offer unique music courses through our incredible Manor Park University provision with children utilising our school iPads and IT equipment to write their own music compositions. 

Music Documentation 

Music National Curriculum