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Physical Education (PE)

PE Sequence of Learning

Our PE Curriculum 

Association for Physical Education (AfPE) Quality Mark Certificate

We are delighted to have been awarded the Association for Physical Education (AfPE) Quality Mark with Distinction for the time period 2022-2025. This is the highest level of the award that AfPE give to schools who have to go through a rigorous process of evaluation and evidence gathering before the content of the application is validated by and AfPE expert.

The validator highlighted the following reasons for the award: 

-Amazing learning environment used extremely effectively to produce and exciting PESSPA offer 

-Commitment to 60 mins offer within school by SMT 

- Outstanding PE lead who invests time and energy up skilling themself and others to lead PE 

- Quality of provision both within and beyond curriculum 

-Commitment of PE lead/SMT both financially and practically to develop PESSPA 

- Willingness to continuously improve/develop/embed strategies to increase participation/improve standards.

Core Curriculum Offer 

Our curriculum is based on progressive learning objectives which combine a range of varied and flexible teaching styles to cater for individual pupil’s needs and abilities. The curriculum strives to promote an understanding of the many benefits of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle through a balanced range of activities.

Pupils within EYFS develop their balance, strength and co-ordination, through movement such as running, jumping, hopping and skipping. Additionally, children engage in daily physical exercise through indoor and outdoor continuous provision to develop their fine and gross motor skills. In our outdoor area they can choose from a range of activities such as using the bikes/scooters, climbing on play equipment, large construction toys, stepping over tyres and balancing on logs. They have opportunities to dig and rake, lift pots and pans, pour, stir and mix. Fine motor skills are advanced through threading, tweezers, pegs and mark making.

The focus of the KS1 curriculum is to provide children with fundamental skills to develop early stages of tactical awareness and physical fitness elements of agility, balance and co-ordination through introduction. Curriculum content includes ball skills, team games, gymnastics and dance activities.

During KS2 children apply their learning from previous years in a range of sports such as hockey, netball, cricket and rounders. These sports allow them to develop their attacking and defending skills and enables children to work both individually and in teams to demonstrate the importance of co-operation. Children are also provided with opportunities to further improve their strength, flexibility, control and balance through dance and gymnastics and athletics.

Our wide range of sporting activities promotes life skills through infusing our school ethos such as developing a positive attitude and aiming high. During each PE lesson children are encouraged to become self-sufficient and reflective learners by focussing on improving their personal best score over the duration of a half termly challenge.

Enhanced Curriculum Offer

Children at Manor Park are given the opportunity to join a range of extracurricular activities both during lunchtimes and after school. They range from traditional sports such as football and netball, to other sports such as archery.

Every Friday afternoon, we enrich children’s experiences through Manor Park University where they choose a course of their choice. Sporting courses range from ice-hockey, dance, taekwondo, swimming and outdoor action and adventure where children learn skills in our forest school.

We are proud to have received our Silver School Games Mark and provide our pupils with the opportunity to participate in both inter and intra sporting competitions.


We aim to embed 60 minutes of physical activity throughout the school day in addition to weekly PE sessions. Our active playtime initiative encourages children to move more through various sporting activities. Activities range from traditional sports and team games, hop, skip and jump activities, dancing, and non-traditional sports such as juggling to target our less physically active children. Leadership skills training opportunities are offered to KS2 children to become Sports Leaders during playtimes to encourage other children to take part in physical activity. 

Our purpose built daily mile track on our school field offers children 15 minutes of daily physical activity to improve their health and wellbeing. Where possible, we provide active learning to inspire children to become more active throughout their school day and enhance their learning. We enjoy using initiatives such a ‘Super Movers’.

PE Documentation 

PE National Curriculum 

School Sports

The Y5/6 children enjoyed participating in a rounders tournament as part of the School Games Competitions.Caption
Year 4 and 5 enjoyed taking part in a Rugby tournament at Old Coventrians. Some of our children were awarded for showing outstanding sportsmanship. 

Local Sports Activities

Please use this link below to find local sports clubs in our area.