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Religious Education Sequence of Learning




Our RE Curriculum 

Core Curriculum Offer

Our RE curriculum is centred around building tolerance towards others. We aim to develop our children’s understanding of other religious and non-religious beliefs and encourage them to show mutual respect towards others.

The principal aim of RE is to engage pupils in systematic enquiry into significant human questions, so that they can develop the understanding and skills needed to appreciate and appraise varied responses to these questions, as well as to develop responses of their own. We aim to enable the children to develop their ideas and identities. 

Throughout RE, we explore a variety of thought-provoking questions about meaning and purpose, beliefs about God, issues of right and wrong and what it is to be part of a religious group. Our key questions of enquiry underpin our RE days, which provide children with fun experiences and positive engagement within each of our religious and non-religious faiths. We cover all the main religions and focus in detail on Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Judaism and Humanism.

We immerse ourselves in the celebrations of religions that are worshipped within our school community, including Diwali, Eid ul Fitr, Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Enhanced Curriculum Offer

From Gurdwaras to Mosques, we make the most of living in such a wonderfully diverse city, and provide pupils with exciting visits to amazing places of worship around our city.


We have strong links with our local churches, St James and West Orchards and throughout the year they will join us for school assemblies and celebrations. 

Religious Education Documentation