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We are proud to have achieved the Primary Science Quality Mark for our Science provision. 


Science Sequence of Learning 

Our Science Curriculum 

Core Curriculum Offer 

Science Experts

Our children enjoy a fantastic, six-step learning cycle which enables them to become expert scientists! Children are encouraged to develop their curiosity and extend their scientific knowledge and skills. Children are inspired by the universe and to understand science across the world. Scientific challenges spark their enthusiasm and fascination with how the world works.


Let’s Investigate Days 

We love it when the whole school dresses up in lab-coats to spend a fun-filled day of science learning! We explore practically, investigate with apparatus, conduct a range of experiments and find out own conclusions. Children also have the fantastic opportunity to visit Warwick University to observe experiments and real life scientists! 

Enhanced Curriculum Offer

Outdoor adventures

Adventures await us near and far…step into wonderful forest school enchanted with wildlife and endless learning, or embark on magical walks to beautiful places such as War Memorial Park. We also take part in Commando Joe’s amazing outdoor activities. Adventures never stop!


Mad Science  

Our Mad Science instructors deliver innovative, hands-on experiences, which are exciting and entertaining for all! Children enjoy conducting experiments and observing the awe-inspiring results.


Wider opportunities 

Across all year groups at Manor Park, children are offered a range of opportunities included visitors and trips such as a visit to Warwick University to observe scientists at work, the Space Centre to learn about our Solar System, a seasons walk through the Memorial Park and Twycross Zoo to learn about animals and their habitats. As a whole school, we run a careers event for children to meet people from different sectors and to understand where science comes into different jobs for them to consider many careers linked to science for their future.


Manor Park University 

Our wonderful enrichment afternoons allows children to experience science experiments and investigations outside of their year group. This is taught by our science expert and ensures children have a range of investigations within their repertoire. Furthermore, it allows them to develop their cycle of science skills.

Science Documentation 

Science National Curriculum