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    Welcome to manor park school Welcome smile

    Welcome to Manor Park Primary School

    I would like to warmly welcome you to Manor Park Primary School.  We are incredibly proud of our school and the children who come here to learn and soar to success. Our school, built in 1950, is a well-established part of the community and has a heritage which sees ex pupils returning as parents and even grandparents. Our core mission is to offer our wonderful children outstanding teaching and learning experiences and the very best opportunities, in and beyond the classroom, supported by our bespoke Manor Park University and excellent pastoral care. Learning at Manor Park is innovative, made fun and as exciting as possible. We capture pupils’ interests, extend their knowledge and skills, raise their aspirations, inspire a life-long love of learning and create memories to last a lifetime.

    Working in close partnership with parents, as well as forging productive links locally, nationally and around the globe, we embed the highest expectations of all our children and staff, with everyone aiming to be the very best they can be, in all aspects of school life.

    If you wish to find out more about our school, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with me to arrange a visit. I am sure that you will see for yourself why we are so proud of our children, talented staff and school.

    A very warm welcome.

    Jill O’Connor Headteacher

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      Friday 15th November 2019

      latest newsletter

      Friday 15th November 2019

      The Falcon News

      Issue 1 of the MPU produced school newspaper.

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          EventStart timeEnd time
          Y6 Class assembly - Cl 21 & 2209:00 Friday 13 Dec 201909:30 Friday 13 Dec 2019
          Christmas Holiday08:00 Monday 23 Dec 201915:30 Friday 3 Jan 2020
          Y2 Assemblies - C9 & C1109:00 Friday 31 Jan 202009:30 Friday 31 Jan 2020
          Y2 Assemblies - C1008:00 Friday 7 Feb 202008:30 Friday 7 Feb 2020
          Y6 Assembly - Cl2308:00 Friday 14 Feb 202008:30 Friday 14 Feb 2020
          Teacher Training Day08:30 Friday 21 Feb 202014:00 Friday 21 Feb 2020
          Half term08:30 Monday 24 Feb 202015:30 Friday 28 Feb 2020
          YT Assembly - C309:00 Friday 20 Mar 202009:30 Friday 20 Mar 2020
          YR Assembly - C4 09:00 Friday 27 Mar 202009:30 Friday 27 Mar 2020
          YR Assembly - C509:00 Friday 27 Mar 202009:30 Friday 27 Mar 2020
          Y4 Assembly - C1509:00 Friday 3 Apr 202009:30 Friday 3 Apr 2020
          Y5 Assembly - C2009:00 Friday 3 Apr 202009:30 Friday 3 Apr 2020
          Teacher Training Day08:30 Thursday 9 Apr 202014:00 Thursday 9 Apr 2020
          Good Friday - Easter Holidays08:30 Friday 10 Apr 202009:00 Friday 10 Apr 2020
          Easter Holidays08:30 Monday 13 Apr 202015:30 Friday 24 Apr 2020
          Y1 Assembly - C609:00 Friday 1 May 202009:30 Friday 1 May 2020
          Y4 Assembly - C1609:00 Friday 1 May 202009:30 Friday 1 May 2020
          Bank Holiday - VE Day08:30 Friday 8 May 202015:30 Friday 8 May 2020
          Y1 Assembly - C709:00 Friday 15 May 202009:30 Friday 15 May 2020
          Y1 Assembly - C809:00 Friday 15 May 202009:30 Friday 15 May 2020