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Welcome to Reception!

Mrs Healy and Mrs Kavanagh-Byrne are the phase leaders and their role is to support the staff, children and families. If you have any questions, concerns or positive feedback then we would love to hear from you.

The staff in Reception from September are:

Mrs Kavanagh-Byrne & Mrs Healy (Lower Phase Leaders)

Class 3 - Miss Valiadis (Class Teacher) and Miss Hurst (LSA)

Class 4 - Mrs Fyfe (Class Teacher) and Miss Allen (HLTA)

Class 5 - Miss Bourke (Class Teacher) and Miss Stubbs (LSA) & Mrs Middleton (LSA)


Learning, Playing and Growing Together – To Achieve My Best

All children in Foundation Stage at Manor Park Primary School are given equal opportunities to discover their strengths and abilities through an exciting, engaging and challenging curriculum. All practitioners are equipped to support, listen and respond to the children through every stage of their development and share the vision that each child is individual and unique. Parents are valued as partners in their child’s achievements and next steps in learning through effective communication and regular opportunities to share and celebrate progress and attainment together.

A warm welcome to all our new children and their families

Learning Together

Teaching and learning is meaningful, systematic and progressive, enabling all children to have a clear understanding of the knowledge they are discovering. Each child is supported to explore their developing skills across all areas of learning, taking into account their individual needs and abilities. The topics and themes that we teach are designed to enhance the diverse communities our children belong to and reflect their personal interests. Our continuous provision in the classrooms and outdoor learning environments are engaging and challenging enabling children to have the highest quality of education.

 Achieving My Best

A significant part of our work with the children is to prepare them for the next stages in their learning and development. Children are given carefully planned, daily opportunities to work together with their friends and teachers in a collaborative way to develop fundamental social, emotional, behaviour and communication skills. They are equally encouraged to explore independent learning so that they gain a greater understanding of their own unique personal qualities in order to achieve their best. Our high expectations for positive learning behaviours, high engagement and creativity are embedded in daily practice, enabling all children to feel safe, motivated and valued. Every day in school for our children is another step on their learning adventures.

Our aim is to support all children to develop, consolidate and deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills across the 7 areas of learning within The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development is central to all the experiences that we offer the children across Early Years. They are the life skills through which we encourage the children to have respect for themselves and others, develop their social interactions and positive dispositions to learn.

Communication and Language is fundamental to the teaching and learning in Foundation. We encourage the children to become confident at speaking, listening and in using their imaginations to communicate. Having high aspirations for our children to use and apply more complex language impacts on their ability to talk, express their thoughts, read, write and spell.


Physical Development of the children in The Foundation Stage is encouraged through opportunities for them to be active and interactive and to improve their skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement. We teach the importance of keeping healthy and being aware of their bodies.


Literacy, reading and writing skills are promoted through carefully planned and systematic teaching and activities throughout the year. We share a range of books and rhymes with the children and encourage them to explore writing and mark making through role play and creative activities. Phonics is taught systematically and children have sustained opportunities to apply their developing skills in their speaking, reading and writing.


Mathematical Development focuses on the knowledge and skills which enable young children to become confident and independent in their use of numbers. The children are given opportunities to recognise and use numbers reliably, to develop mathematical ideas and to solve problems. Shape, space and measures are also explored.


Understanding the World is an exciting part of our curriculum which includes designing and making, ICT, time, place and communities. Our carefully planned activities help to support the children in developing the knowledge, skills and understanding that help them to make sense of the world in which we live.


Expressive Arts and Design enables the children to explore their creativity.  These include art, music, movement, dance, imaginative and role-play activities. We will support the children in exploring and sharing their thoughts and feelings through a variety of areas of learning.

If you have any questions or queries then please do not hesitate to contact me.